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It’s been about five years now since Jan introduced me to the wonderful community that is the Software Craft movement and the SoCraTes conferences, something for which I’m infinitely grateful to him.

After spending the last two years at vaamo, working on a lot of very interesting and most diverse projects with an awesome team, I decided that it is time for me to continue my journey as a freelance software crafter, so now I’m looking for teams and projects to work with in order to create awesome products and to help them shape their culture.

If you’re interested in me working with you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

Developing software

For me, writing code provides a means to an end — that is creating products and value for stakeholders in the best possible way, especially if that means not to develop fancy technically-challenging code at all but to find a solution that helps the people who will use the software at the end of a day. I’m passionate about programming, don’t get me wrong, but having happy customers and clients is without any doubt more important to me.

That being said, I’m always curious about new languages and I’m familiar with the concepts of both functional and object-oriented programming, so if you’re working with e.g. Elixir, Kotlin or Elm, I’m most interested about working on such a project with you.

Furthermore, I’m a very proficient senior JavaScript developer, having worked with plenty of frontend frameworks like React with Redux (for which I’m maintaining a small testing library called expect-redux) or KnockoutJS in the past. Just recently, I published a redux-like eventstore, simple-eventstore, that has helped me tremendously develop MVPs and small-scale apps.

I’m an experienced backend developer as well, preferably in a JVM-language (Scala, Java and some Groovy) or JavaScript and you can most definitely count me in for a project that involves EventSourcing:

Chances are, if you have already met me before, you probably know I have a thing for the architecture pattern called EventSourcing and the accompanying methods of Domain-driven Design. I’ve given quite a few talks about this in the past (next time will be at the eBay TechTalks in Berlin UPDATE: The talk has been recorded ) and it is — to this day — a pattern that fascinates me because it makes developing applications feel much more natural and close to what the business wants and needs.

Sharing my knowledge

Organizing the Software Craft Community in Berlin for the last two years has taught me what it takes to host and facilitate group workshops. For over 2300 members, we’re organizing a Coding Kata every month and a few full-day coderetreats every year and I’m always there helping people to get into TDD, pair programming, new programming languages and more.

I put all my experience, patience and empathy into coaching people, be it mentoring novices to get them up to speed with JavaScript, or facilitating workshops for whole teams to get them into the practices of Extreme Programming.

Bringing Craft values into a company

One thing I’m deeply passionate about is helping others learn about craft and agile values. I’m grateful for having worked in professional, honest and empathetic teams in the past and I love to share my insights and experience with other teams and their companies.

My favorite method to spark a flame of professional software development practices is without a doubt a coderetreat. Best organized as a day-long event far away from the daily chores of a software developer, it’s a workshop designed to enable developers to learn about TDD, pair programming and software design in an environment created for a deliberate learning experience. I’ve been running plenty of coderetreats and I’m honored to organize the Global Day Of Coderereat for the second time this year.

Get in touch with me

If you’re interested in working with me after reading this post, feel free to reach out to me via mail (or Twitter or by other means) and we’ll have a chat about it over a coffee in Berlin or via Hangouts.