Hi, I’m Raimo

I’m a self-employed Software Crafter from Berlin, Germany. I help companies build a culture suited to grow and empower people and have them enjoy their work. I also write a lot of code (mostly in JavaScript, React, Redux lately), am fond of Domain-Driven Design and an advocate for Test-Driven-Development.

I owe a lot to the communities out there, which is why I’m trying to give something back, by sharing my experience through this blog and by organizing the Software Craftsmanship Meetup Berlin, the Global Day of Coderetreat, the worldwide Software Craftsmanship Slack and helping out at the Domain-Driven Design Meetup Berlin.

I’m all in for working with you, if…

  • you need a senior developer to build or support a team
  • you want to establish a culture of professionalism, compassion and growth in your company
  • you would like to host a coderetreat or workshop for your employees on plenty of topics, be it JavaScript, EventSourcing or Craft/XP/DevOps values

I’m very fond of a professional relationship with my clients. Mutual trust and openness are the most important aspects of a business relationship for me. I will ask you to establish me as part of the team from day one and to expect me to challenge aspects of your company where I see potential for improvements.

If you’re interested in working with me, please send me a mail at hello@craftswerk.io. I prefer talking to the people I’d work with, so I’d kindly ask external recruiters to not contact me.

The name of this blog, Your mileage may vary…

…means all of my experiences and observations happen in a particular context, in a setting with a couple of individuals and with specific methods I’m trying out. I’m happy if my articles help or inspire you and I’m very interested in your feedback (see below). At the end of the day, I’m describing my biased, privileged experiences in all the companies I’ve worked for, or at least what I think I saw and interpreted. If I’m totally off, please tell me.

This is also why I’m doing it in the open. My Drafts are open for you to see, as there are Issues where you can leave me feedback. If you prefer a direct way, try Mail.

Imprint/Impressum, because §5 TMG.